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Vegas Ceramic

Vegas ceramic is pioneer establishment in ceramic industry in India where there was already an important manufacturing business network dedicated to the ceramic sector. From the outset the company opted for technology and cutting-edge logistics to compete in an increasingly demanding market and constantly evolving. Its high rate of modernization makes this company apart from the rest, precisely because of its versatility and ability to react and adapt to customer needs.

Priorities Vento are based on developing “a quality product that meets the needs of customers.” To achieve this goal, the firm believes that heavily invested in innovation, quality and development is necessary because one of the main objectives of Vento is trying to stay ahead of the ceramic sector.

Whatever you or your designer can image, Favourite can now deliver. We have made advancements in the technology to such a level that we can boast to be the real leader in Customer Satisfaction as well. As our Channel Partners, Dealers, Distributors and Retailers, you can be elated to sell this great Digital Print Range to your customers. What you offer to them now can be made as exclusive to their desires. Welcome to the Digital Ceramic World of FAVOURITE.

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Our Quality

Our prime focus is to match quality standards of our digital wall tiles with international standards. All the efforts of our members are focused in manufacturing supreme quality products and cope up with the nonstop flow of demands staying in compliance with the international standards.

Who We Are

Vegas Ceramic Pvt Ltd. has made it a tradition of Introducing Revolutionary Innovations. Since the start of the group's manufacturing activities, we have been leaders in innovations.

Who We Do

For details, Digital Printing Technology in ceramic tiles enables us to print anything and every thing onto the tiles with Unlimited & Everlasting Colours. Feel Effect with Punches, Grooves & Tappers. Unlike the limitation of same design on a number of tiles. With this technology, your logo or your photos can be printed onto the tiles.

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